Inculcate the characteristic of MSSW in every individual who graduate, and make the MSSWians as a cult.


To carry out the Social Work profession with passion and dedication to fulfill the founder's Vision.

Alumni Association The Madras School of Social Work (AAMSSW)

Alumni Association The Madras School of Social Work (AAMSSW) is an active forum which predominantly focuses on bringing the MSSWians together as a family. AAMSSW is self reliant, and self motivated, striving to keep up the legacy of Madras School of social work. AAMSSW has focussed on the following areas to strengthen our network.

The illustrious Alma mater of Madras School of Social work is spread across the globe. Having grown leaps and bounds with the foundation of MSSW, many of them are eminent personalities, and countless alumni are associated with renowned organizations holding remarkable positions. We have a plethora of personalities who are the shining stars always visible and guiding and there are legends who maintain a low profile and act as a powerful under current. Msswians might have same School of Thought, but they reveal themselves in different facets of prominence.